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Dr. Robert B. Cohen Praises “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide”

Dr. Robert B. Cohen is a respected veterinarian and the owner of Bay Street Animal Hospital in New York. After reading The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, he had this to say:

I have just finished reading The Dog Cancer Survival Guide cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It is a cross between a comprehensive oncology text book and a compassionate review of the struggles that pet owners and their pets face with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The authors show obvious concern for medical accuracy while presenting the realistic, wide ranging, and up-to-date cancer treatment options.

This will be the book that every veterinarian in general practice will need to have as a reference text, and they should make it available to pet owners. The authors broadcast empathic concern for the patient and pet owners alike. The message of this book jumps off the written page and into the hearts of every reader, and will become the at home bible for cancer care of dogs. The authors have given you a sensible and systematic approach that practicing veterinarians will cherish, while their academic and heartfelt synergism provides a pragmatic guide to the reader.

This book gives hope to pet owners at a very difficult time. I found the book inspiring and, clearly, it will become part of my daily approach to cancer therapy for my own patients.


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