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Book Synopsis

No one should have to read this book, but half of all Americans who own and love their dogs will be glad it’s available. That is because cancer is the number one killer of dogs, and dogs over the age of ten have a one in two chance of developing the disease. Some of our most popular breeds have even higher cancer rates; for example, 75% of Golden Retrievers die of cancer. There is rarely a cure for cancer, but many dog lovers leave the vet’s office with the nagging feeling that there must be more they can do other than give up on their companion. This rapidly growing (and increasingly vocal) group is demanding more and better options from their veterinarians (just as they have from their own doctors in recent years). This book, now in its second edition, maps the wilderness of cancer for those readers.

Dr. Demian Dressler, a general practice veterinarian in Maui, Hawaii, and his co-author, Dr. Susan Ettinger, a veterinary oncologist at the Animal Specialty Center in New York City, first met at The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in the 1990’s. Today, they’ve taken their decades of clinical experience and thorough research of the current literature to explain dog cancer for the lay person.

There are chapters on conventional treatment options, and the most effective non-conventional options, including botanical nutraceuticals, supplements, nutrition, and mind-body medicine. While most of the advice applies to every dog cancer case, there are also special chapters written by Dr. Ettinger with her latest, specific conventional advice for each of the twelve most common dog cancers she has treated. There is even a section on how to analyze and develop a treatment plan in consultation with the supervising veterinarian or oncologist.

The emotional reality of dog cancer – which disorients even the most stoic of readers – is acknowledged and supported. Dr. Dressler’s readers deeply appreciate his compassionate, no-sugar-coating approach, and grateful readers of the first edition have even contributed hundreds of “True Tails” of their own. These little stories are sprinkled throughout the text, providing a supportive chorus of loving community to inform, inspire, and cheer on the reader. There is an extensive section for references and a comprehensive index.

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide was first published as an eBook and sold to readers of Dr. Dressler’s popular blog (number one in Google rankings). With so many Americans forced to deal with this diagnosis, this second edition, now published in paperback, is needed more than ever.

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