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Dr. Dressler Is a Special Person

This is a very informative book written with Unconditional Love filled with alot of POWERFUL information for those that care deeply for their family member. Dr. Dressler is a very special person, you can really tell by the words he chose to write in his book, he helps you personally thru the ordeal of cancer treatment. I would recommend this book to everyone! IT’s A GEM! you know a KEEPER! I can’t thank you enough for the LOVE that you have for people and pets, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, When you loose your focus and become depressed remember to pull out your book and do an exercise and get back on track, you are your dogs ADVOCATE and responsible for them. Keep focused and keep a positive attitude it really does make a difference. I would do anything for my dog, I love him unconditionally he’s given me so much LOVE. Invest in giving your dog a quality life, you’ll be gald you did. Divine Unconditional Love to All.

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