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Gave Me Hope the Vet Did Not

I read and read again this book. It gives me some hope that the regualer vet did not. Allthough I relize that Max our 7 yr old may still surcome to his cancer. There are certain things we can do to make his life more comfortable and enjoyable. We have changed his diet thanks to the book and this seems to help him daily. We have done some other treatments top help him breath (chropratic care and acupuncture care). All seem to help. Homeopath care. has been a life sent. I thank Dr Dressler for writting such a positive book about a realy problem in our pets. It’s a hard ting to learn about cancer in pets, its just like hearing your child has uncurable dease. Now there is a book that can walk you throught alternitves in treatments, diets, support and most important love for your dog.

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