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Importance of a Good Mindset!

Dr. Dressler’s sensitivity and understanding of the emotional side of going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment with a beloved dog was amazing. I loved the fact that he recognizes the importance of a good mindset and that in order to take care of our dogs, we must first take care of ourselves. The exercises he presented for coping with the emotions and developing a good mindset were wonderful and very helpful. In addition to that, I really appreciated getting an honest take on both conventional and “alternative” therapies from a doctor who uses and accepts both. That made me feel like I was getting straight facts and not spin. Also, Dr. Dressler’s description and presentation of research on alternative therapies that have been proved to work really helped me decide which treatments might be best for my dog…Thank you for a terrific book that was worth every penny and more. I will consult it often as I work with my dog in this fight against cancer.

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