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Information Isn’t Anywhere Else

I immediately began to frantically search for information about Mast Cell cancer, when I got Ziggy’s diagnosis. Ziggy was a recent rescue from a horrible situation,and it seemed so wrong for such a sweet and loving dog to deal with cancer – especially now that he had a chance for a wonderful life with us. Thankfully I ran across Dr. Dressler’s “The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.” I am a believer in the holistic approach to health, and the information in the guide was invaluable to me. While we are still early in the diagnosis and treatment of Ziggy’s cancer, I honestly believe that his chances are considerably improved by the opportunity this guide has given me to take a practical, yet forward thinking and assertive approach to his cancer care. Thus far, the information about diet and supplements has proved invaluable. This information is not readily found elsewhere, and I find myself reviewing and re-reading this section on a regular basis.

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